28 June 2010

178/365 - Dinuguan

178/365 c2 - Dinuguan

27 June 2010

One of the things I love about my brother and my mom was that they seem to buy the foods I crave for (most of the time, that is). A day before, I was just thinking aloud when I said, "I sure hope to eat dinuguan," and on Day 178, mom came home from the market with some pork and pig's blood. Dinuguan is one of the easiest dishes one can cook, so I volunteered to cook this one.

It wasn't the creamy consistency that I loved about dinuguan (it probably uses coconut milk that's why it was creamy), but then I was proud of this little kitchen experiment. Cravings satisfied.. and I just love it!

*** Jenn ***


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