26 June 2010

176/365 - Tanglaw

176/365 c2 - Tanglaw

25 June 2010

I have been exchanging e-mails with K regarding my situation and on Day 176, I was really surprised that my friend did something to make me smile. I was happy to be going to the Internet Cafe to check my mails, but I was happier to know that something good is happening in the next few days.

I was walking home when one of the houses had their dog out in the street. I am a person who fears dogs in the street (I was bitten by one of my puppies in the face when I was around 6 or 7), so I stopped for a while and pretended to be texting (someone might be watching me). I looked up and saw the light in the post, and took a picture of it - just so I could have something to do while waiting for the dog to flee away or to go back into his home. Luckily the dog flee after a few minutes, and I got home safely.

*** Jenn ***


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