20 June 2010

170/365 - Watching the Rain

170/365 c2 - Watching the Rain

19 June 2010

It was the weekend and I wanted to go out. I was supposed to go to the SM Megamall for the 2010 Toy Con, but I just got well from the massive back pains I had earlier in the week that I decided to just stay home. I was hoping the family could go out and eat and/or do the groceries, but the rain hard that all of just didn't have the chance to go out. I was running out of ideas on what pictures to take and late in the afternoon, I just stayed in our terrace to play with the cats.

My cat Orange-y has become aloof, and didn't really wanted to be carried or to be played with. I guess with his age, he is in his mating period that he just want to left alone. While playing with the other cats, I saw him run around the terrace and then jumped in the wooden seat to take a peek at the window. I guess the hard drops of water created an eye candy that he just stayed there and watched as the rain fell.

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