09 June 2010

159/365 - In Company of Friends

159/365 c2 - Confidante

08 June 2010

When I was a kid, quite a lot of kids were living in the neighborhood, and I have always liked playing street games with them. After a while, when most of us were growing up, the streets have quieted a lot, and at times I would miss the noises.

Now that the people in my age bracket have really grown up, some of them had kids of their own, while some were new neighbors. This summer was indeed a noisy one as far as the street is concerned, for these kids would really enjoy their days out of school by playing games. Finally, the street had some life again.

On Day 159, I opened our gate because mom just got home, and I saw the kids playing outside. Since there were a few steps leading to our gate, the stairs have become the kids' headquarters - a place for them to talk and play games as well. I just liked the way they looked - some kids were playing while these two (Lyza and Kyla) were listening to some music stored in Lyza's cell phone. It was so nice to journey back in time - I truly saw myself in them, back when I was their age.

*** Jenn ***


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