10 June 2010

160/365 - L for Laban

160/365 c2 - L for Laban

09 June 2010

I was thinking of what self portrait to do, and while watching the season finale of Glee, I decided to just go with the "L" sign, just because Glee is a TV show I have come to love, and I truly loved this week's episode, although the New Directions didn't win. Still, it was an episode telling viewers that good things are yet to come.

Another "L" thing for Day 160... the Senate and the Congress just proclaimed the newly elected president of the Philippines - Benigno "Noy Noy" Aquino III. Taking his mother's sign, he also sported the "L" sign meaning "Laban," or "Fight." I didn't vote for him, but since he was the elected president, he is my president, too, and I am optimistic that the country is now seeking new life.

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