25 June 2010

175/365 - Guinataang Sitaw at Kalabasa

175/365 c2 - Veggie with Prawns

24 June 2010

Although I could say that chicken, sinigang, and spaghetti are my top three foods, I also could say that I love eating dishes with coconut milk. I find these dishes really delicious and rich in flavor.

Aside from doing exercises, I have also started not to eat rice come dinner and just eat the viands. Then again, I have also asked brother to cook mostly veggies / fish dishes so I could minimize my meat intake especially at night. For Day 175, he cooked squash and string beans in coconut milk... and for mom to eat it as well, he added some shrimps to be the dish's meat. Even if I loved eating coconut milk dishes with rice, I stick to my personal rule of not eating rice and just ate a bowlful of the viand. Along with the two pieces of shrimps, I was satisfied.

*** Jenn ***


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