18 June 2010

168/365 - Leafless Tree at Dusk

168/365 c2 - Leafless Tree at Dusk

17 June 2010

Not having a PC to use really took its toll on me. I was restless, and my efforts of diverting my attention to DVD marathons didn't really make me satisfied and fulfilled. I went out to go to an Internet cafe (there's one at the end of the street), and walking back home I noticed this house with a leafless tree in their front yard. I really loved seeing leafless tree because I find it quite dramatic, and even if I only have my cell phone in hand I still dared to take a picture. I also saw that little moon in the cloudless sky, so I zoomed in, not really minding if my cell phone can only do digital zoom. The picture looked a little pixilated, but this is what I can come up with for this day.

*** Jenn ***


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