17 June 2010

167/365 - Atop a Tree

167/365 c2 - Orangey Climb

16 June 2010

Late afternoons of June meant an afternoon of rain showers here in our area. Luckily, the sun was a bit smiling on this day, so I went to the garden to attempt a shot of "sun flare," still for the photo hunt game. I failed in capturing the sun flare, but since my cat Orange-y went to the garden to see what I was up to, I decide to pick him up, cuddle him a bit and let him hug the tree trunk. In no time, he was already climbing the tree.

The problem with cats was that they were quick to climb up, but would be scared to go down. I tried to ask him to go down, even attempted to grab him, but he was just afraid and would just like to stay in the tree. Since I still don't have a picture for the day, I just aimed my camera at him.

It took him until dinner before he came down. I guess him hearing me giving food to some of the cats made him find a way to come down and eat.

*** Jenn ***


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