05 June 2010

155/365 - Flower Strands

First time to join Macro Flowers Saturday meme - hope I was able to see it in the blogosphere; flowers and macro photography are two of my favorites. Here's my share for this week:

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 2

155/365 c2 - Flower Strands

It's been raining for the past few days, and although it wasn't raining cats and dogs, the rain had somehow made me stay inside the house and just getting out to take care of the garbage. On Day 155, I just had the urge to go out and check the garden, to see if I could find a flower to take pictures of. I was so happy that the one plant in our garden just bloomed, and I didn't waste any time - I took pictures of it in any angle that I can.

I don't know the name of the flower, but it was this red big ball of flower made up of this beautiful stringy like strands (there might be a redundancy there). Whenever it blooms, I just can't help but be happy to see it. It stays fresh for a week, then will wilt. I guess the plant not blooming as often made me love the plant more. I love waiting for it to bloom again, and when it does, it's a priceless reward.

*** Jenn ***


maiaT said...

Beautiful B/W photo. The stamens look like those of a lily and those water drops are like pearls on them.
Welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday!
Have a great weekend!

Manang Kim said...

Very beautiful b&w shot! Happy Saturday!

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Petit Eyekiss said...

A different kind of Macro flowers. Nice shot!

Rosie Centre of Interest/Leavesnbloom said...

nice shot indeed! welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday Jenn.

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