21 June 2010

171/365 - Reproducing

171/365 c2 - Reproducing

20 June 2010

It's Fathers Day and because I don't have a father (anymore) to greet, I still stayed at home to be with my family. I heard mass with mom and brother, and in the afternoon I just went to take a peek on our neighbor's vegetable garden. A few weeks ago, I have taken pictures of these orange bugs there, but in every instance that I took pictures of the bugs, I wasn't really able to use them to be my photo for the day. I already told that I was running out of subjects to take pictures of, so I checked if the bugs were still there so I could finally use them as models for the pictures.

I was so amazed to see that there were still some bugs in the garden. Quite a few remaining on Day 171, but still I was glad. My camera was taking pictures of a single bug, when my eye caught these two. I am not a perv, but the frustrated biologist in me just found it cute to be seeing bugs in their intimate moment. I used my flash to take this picture because not using the flash resulted in bland colors, as it was getting dark already.

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