14 June 2010

164/365 - Father and Son

164/365 c2 - Father and Son

13 June 2010

Day 164 was very hectic for me. Even if my lower back was aching a lot, I still went out to meet my friend Halie. We met at the Lung Center of the Philippines' weekend market, then to La Mesa Eco Park, and going to UP-Ayala Land Techno Hub. My back sure hurt a lot, but taking a tablet of Naproxen Sodium helped me in a way. I was really thankful that Halie understood my plight that time and I was thankful that I still was able to enjoy a weekend out despite the pain.

Thinking of what to put up as the photo for the day was quite a difficult task. I took quite a lot of pictures that day, but in the end I chose this. I know it would be a week more before Fathers' Day, but I just like the look of a father carrying his son. Somehow it made me miss my father, but looking at it on a bright side, I am happy that this boy was able to enjoy a day out with his father. Some people think that kids might not remember the moments once they grow up, but I don't think so. There are some moments from childhood that will be forever etched in memory. I hope this child would remember this day until he would be old enough to be a father.

*** Jenn ***


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