12 June 2010

162/365 - Tokwa't Baboy

162/365 c2 - Tokwa't Baboy

11 June 2010

Since I was a kid, I have always loved eating fried tokwa (bean curd) dipped in spicy soy sauce and vinegar. Over time, I have also come to love eating it paired with pork slices, and through my father, I have come to know how the dish was done.

There were certainly a lot of ways of doing this dish, but I always prefer mine using the pig's ears and some meat from its head. I cook it paksiw style, and cut it to bite size pieces. I love the crunch from the cartilage in the ear... the texture certainly made it more appetizing.

Brother must've heard me telling "I am craving for tokwa't baboy," from the night before, because come morning of Day 162, he told me he just bought some pig's ears and some blocks of tokwa from the market. I certainly had a great lunch that day!

*** Jenn ***


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