24 June 2010

174/365 - Glowing

174/365 c2 - Glowing

23 June 2010

Having no PC to use gave me the chance to go back exercising. My weight has been increasing, and I am suddenly alarmed with how fast I am gaining weight. I really want to have a transformation, but I do know change won't happen overnight. Still, I decided to go for it, for I cannot just sit and wait until I blow up.

I was able to learn about the Hip Hop Abs through the infomercials on TV in 2007. I was able to see a copy of it in a mall and immediately bought it and started doing it. After a while I stopped and now that I want to make myself better, I went back to doing it. This was how I looked after 15 minutes of doing the cardio routine. I took some time to rest because I needed to tie my hair. My cell phone was just nearby, and realizing that Day 174 was a Wednesday (the day I do self portraits), I took a picture of myself before going back to the routine.

May this effort reap success in the days, weeks, and months to come.

*** Jenn ***

ps - Why "Glowing?" During my holiday with my friend K, I spoke something like, "I'm sweating all over" (after walking around La Loma Cemetery). K told me, "Horses sweat, men perspire, women glow." For K, the term "sweat" or "sweating" isn't appropriate for women, so I'd take K's words for it, "I'm glowing."


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