23 June 2010

173/365 - Purple Socks

173/365 c2 - Purple Socks

22 June 2010

I am heavy and I love to walk. I know my feet always take a beating whenever I go out, and after my week-long stay in Pangasinan, the soles of my feet became dry and thick - probably because of too much walking on the dirt roads. When I got home, I started to take care of my feet by washing, applying some lotion and cover it with socks.

This pair of socks were something I bought in Market One - the weekend market located at the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines, purple is my favorite color, and seeing some monkeys in the design, I didn't hesitate to buy it in an instant (I was born in the year of the monkey). For 20 pesos, I can cover my feet while sleeping, and it was a good use of lotions I don't use anymore.

*** Jenn ***


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