22 June 2010

172/365 - A Burst of Starlight

172/365 c2 - A Burst of Starlight

21 June 2010

Only a few days left 'til the end of the month, and only a few days to go for me to finish off the June photo hunt I joined. I still don't have a definite image for the Black and White with Selective Coloring item, and I did tell my friend Halie that I might recycle some images in the past, and this image was one of those.

In my last Project 365, I already used these paper stars as my subject, but in that image, I had the stars lined up, mostly black stars with one red star. For the re-take of the subject, I decided to include the bottle and some more of the stars, just to give it a depth. I intend to make this whole image in black and white with only one star in color, but I guess the stars were too small that even if I successfully edit the image, the colored star wouldn't be recognizable. I just kept the image as is, and used it as my photo for Day 172.

*** Jenn ***


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